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2011-02-02 23:02:02 by xhunterko


I am looking for an artist who is willing to work with me on a few games. I am more interested in building a team then a company though. So sadly I will be unable to pay you. I am looking for someone who is as passionate about indie gaming as I am. Willing to work on various projects. The majority of them will be free and open source, so you need to be crazy about that as well. Basically, I want someone who wants to see they're work in a video game but without the talent to do so. Your desire to work with me in this position will not only help fill out your portfolio, but put you first in line for when I get ready to release hand device games. Only reply if you are young, talented, looking for practice, and need to get your name out. If interested, please email me at:

Or Pm me here.

Many thanks in advance!




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